Digital solutions

for the office

Modernize your meeting solution

Poppy Meet works for desktop, meeting rooms or on mobile devices. A powerful tool for reaching a successful meeting every time.


Share and play videos with full

audio and video transmission or presentations without uploading the content. Use virtual

backgrounds and improve the environment of the conversation. Make notes or draw directly on the document and the other participants can see the change. Chat with all participants during the conversation.

The future



With Poppy Meet you can communicate via countries, cities and offices through virtual

meetings. With the help of a cloud-based solution, everyone can participate in the meeting, no matter where they are.

A complete digital meeting solution for informational, educational and commercial meetings.

Reduce travel costs and encourage collaboration between departments, groups and customer meetings.

Focus on simplicity

Poppy Meet Room makes it easy to conduct local or global meetings.

With the push of a button, the meeting is up and running. Use the whiteboard feature with a white background or draw on an image or document. Connect to a virtual meeting with other meeting participants. Connect external computer to display on screen. Share the screen content to the others who are attending the meeting. Good security settings that ensure trouble free meetings.

Room booking for the workplace

A successful first impression for your visitors and feel welcome by showing which room is booked for their particular meeting. Information and design are changeable to fit your needs.


Book the meeting room directly on the screen or from another digital device. Everyone at the company can access the booking room and enter essential information.

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Digital signage

With Poppy Sign you can publish pictures, videos or websites. Use pre-produced design templates and editing tools to change the message you want to convey.

Works with any screen, all you need is a network connection and a computer.

A complete Digital Signage solution.

Manage easily

Manage the content via Poppy Sign and decide which content to display on which screen. Plan which content to display in succession and for specific days.

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$ 49 / monthly fee per meeting room. The price includes clients for meeting rooms, room booking and Digital Signage as well as administrative tools for room configuration.