Industrial IIoT for

monitoring & analysis

of machines

Smart Factory a IIoT solution

Smart Factory gives factories the option to connect their current machines to gather their data. Choose which information that is relevant and important for each machine and be able to see any change in values or patterns right on their screen of choice.

All machines are visible on the platform for a simultaneous monitoring. This let’s the smart factory have a more effective and insightful way of making the state of every machine visible. It can be done on site or at another location.

Poppy Tec Smart Factory
Smart Factory

Integrate both new and old machines to the platform. Make all the information from the machine visible

Smart Factory

Ensures the production keeps moving forward and get an immediate update about any anomalies.

Smart Factory

Determine where the facilities can increase in production, lower costs and increase the competitiveness.

Smart Factory

Operate the facility with optimal effect and controlled process data. Provide answers for an analysis of impact and avoid any unnecessary stops in the production.

Our IIOT platform

We have developed a complete suite with machine learning of data and analysis tools which makes it possible for the manufacturer to identify and solve any and all production limits with minimal effort and resources. Smart factory will help you reach your current manufacturing- and production goals.

Monitoring of Machines

Poppy Tec’s industrialised solutions has made it possible for a smart visualisation of machines. With a couple of easy steps you can now prevent unnecessary maintenance of your machines. Whether in your facilities or anywhere else your machines will be more accessible and more effective with the possibility to get updates or alarms wherever you are.

Our platform is made for an easy installation on your machines no matter the manufacturer and the intelligens you get with “AI” will make it easy to predict future maintenances. It also saves on data costs while increases the security.

Poppy Tec Smart Factory

Machine Visualising

Poppy Tec Smart Factory

Poppy Tec’s unique Machinevison-technology makes it possible to visualise and stream a machines interface in real time. A technical solution that comes with a set of unique function

• Monitoring allows for an image stream of the machine to multiple global users in real time. 

• Image Analysis creates machine data from the interface which supports automated functions such as OCR scanning, alarms and algorithms.

• Multivision makes it possible for other systems to interact with, visualise and analysis the machine interface, such as a control room or an AI.


Industry 4.0

Poppy IOT makes it possible for industries and property owners to connect their machines, Visualise them and gather data remotely in entirely new ways. Gathering and processing of large amounts data is done locally on Poppy Tec’s edges server which makes it possible for real time visualisation and data scanning at a low data communication rate.

The user can access the data at any hour, follow the gathering process in real time, visualise the machines and any errors or alarms, all of which can used for analysis, basis for decisions or direct action.

Poppy Tec Industry 4.0
Poppy Tec Visualizer

Monitor the boundless possibilities

Poppy Visualizer let’s you monitor multiple streams on a single screen with the option to zoom in on one or more streams for further analysis. Single stream can the be redirected to users that requires the stream for analysis.

Digital information

Poppy Sign is a solution for digital signage. With existing templates that are readily accessible you will be able to quickly and easily have the information you want published on the chosen screen in no time.

The platform is easy to install and easy to use without any preexisting knowledge. It is made to be dynamic, flexible and scalable. Uploading and updating any material can be done locally or remotely

Poppy Tec Digital Signage
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