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What is


Poppy Visualizer allows you to monitor one or more media streams at the same time on one screen. It can be Video, data, pictures, live-source or a combination; whatever’s relevant. The Workspace is dynamic and all sources can be fit to scale and edited. everything for a good overview.

This creates new possibilities for businesses that have a need to control, monitor or to make their operations visible in real time. Create a basis for Analysis, decisions and measures to take.

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Control room Poppy Visualizer

More then just Monitoring

Poppy Visualizer is scalable and multifaceted and supports video walls in all different sizes. From small scale operation on a single screens to the largest of video walls.

Our solutions support 4K- and Ultra HD-resolution letting you take advantage of the highest quality offered for video editing. The System is scalable and can be grown with you to fit your needs.

Our intelligent display- and control solution makes it possible for video from any system to be captured, shared, edited, composed, shown and controlled, all without a costly adapted software.

Think new, think differently

In today's connected society there exist a possibility for every unit with an internet connection to access all of this- if authorized to. This includes operators that works from the home, field personnel and even third party experts.

Poppy Visualize offers the user a graphic interface that intuitive and effective. with Live-miniature pictures and a drag-and-release-functions making it easier for the user to monitor and control all the integrated systems.

Share the work window or the media stream for a instant analysis, this makes the solution flexible in real time.

Control room Poppy Visualizer
Poppy IoT

Cloud based Service

With the distribution of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Network Operations Centers (NOC) will widen their focus from security to make room for connected technologies, such as sensors and analysing software. While at the same time the control rooms will start to include general risk management to be applicable in a growing number of business sectors.

The Prize to establish a complex network has fallen thanks to technological advancements and their ability to handle larger and large amounts of data is growing by the day. the control center is becoming increasingly a more cloud based service, which in turn makes it more effective to collaborate on local, national and a global level.


  • Fast system integration

  • Secure KVM-control with multiple users

  • Cloud service with multiple users

  • Security that protects sensitive infromation from manipulation, harmful software and virus

  • Easy Drag-and-drop functions

  • Mixed connections and networkstructures

  • Mapviews and visualziation of alarms from zones

  • Adjustable dashboard for mediastreams

  • Poppy Mediaserver

  • Allows IP-streaming from local to global

  • IP-camerastreaming in local media servers

  • Edge based mediaserver

Control room Poppy Visualizer