Complete solution for

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Poppy Sign

Modernize your communication

Cloud based CMS ( Content Managment System) make it possible to update and communicate digital information to screens.

the information uploaded locally or remotely, where ever the screen is placed.

A complete Digital Signage platform for information, inspiration or commercial occasions.





We offer a complet solution with software, hardware and screen. Making it easy to pick and choose the modell which fits any and all needs.

The Hardware is developed to be safe and durable. The frame and capsule is made in our factory and is CE approved.

Digital screens in all shapes and sizes

the screens are durable, made to last long and be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Digital Signage Poppy Sign

Easy to Handle Content

With Poppy Sign it’s easy to upload and post pictures, videos or websites. Use premade templates and editing tools to change the message you want to covey.

Handle the content and decide what’s to be shown on which screen. plan which content is to be shown when and in what order and during specific days.

A complete Digital Signage solution.

Think outside

the Box

thinking outside to box doesen’t need to be difficult. The Possiblities with our platform are almost limitless.

Below are a number of costumers who have used Poppy Signs solutions.

Telenor poppy tec Digital Signage Poppy Sign
Digital Signage Poppy Sign

Quality Hotel


Content Creation

Create dynamic or interactive content for Digital Signage. Use Video or Pictures to create a complete productions.Change the message quick and easy from wherever in the world you are, from whichever computer connected to the internet you have

Show vertical zones

A showzone consists of a playlist that can contain one or more media objects.

every zone can contain a template that's predetermined to handle media with an opened or locked media storage with specific rules

Monitoring & control

Poppy IoT Server is a real time component that’s delivered with Poppy IoT Controller. Every IoT Server actively monitors and controls screens, applications, network statuses and functions on the screens PC. IoT Server can identify and solve problems with performance and authenticity with a minimal visual interference. A Operator can remotely control screens and applications. If need arises the operator can reboot the screens PC, and at the same time do a report on the application and the PCs health to CMS in real time.


Create zones in the template as to not change the company's graphic profile. Shared media library that can be used simultaneously for different playlists and zones. The Templates can be updated automatically in all showzones or playlists.

Schedule & distribution

Intelligent distribution that uses “Push and Store”- logic. Schedule playlists for playback by media. Independent from connections to CMS or streaming servers etc. A Automated update for a new media and a version of the playlist. the entire processes is monitored by CMS until the update is complete.

System Architecture

Poppy Sign cloud computing platform is developed for Widows OS, Windows-server and Windows SQL-database

The Cloud platform can work as a service through software. A service (SaaS) or a platform as a service (PaaS).

Readiness & Alarms

Alarm messages will be stored locally in a zoneplayer and will activate when for example a fire alarm goes off.

With the alarm function the central or local operate can redirect messages to all or selected zones. The Message can be different types of media objects.

User rights

Built in authorisation systems lets the system administrator create and handle authorization for users inside or outside the organisation. All the way down to a single channel and it’s content.


A developed playback system allows for editing in real time which helps smooth out the process.

It is possible to create web content from a cloud computing-platform to a DirectX / WPF-player down to a single pixel. A stable and reliable technology för playback of digital media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that guarantees playtime even during network outage


Poppy Sign Support all types of Media Formats, live sources, streaming and dynamic media.


Playlists can be global or local and works independently from one another. A playlist can be for a single or several screens.

Features available to keep your business running daily